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Puck Light Hack

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

In our entryway, I have toyed with the idea of adding sconces above our display of frames for design reasons, however we didn't have a power source on that particular wall. The idea of hiring an electrician sounded like a great plan, but I didn't feel like making any significant changes in case I change my mind down the road. That is when I came across this affordable puck light hack which saved me so much time and effort, yet looks like it was professionally installed.

I was inspired by Nesting with Grace and Liz Loverly to use this lighting hack. I thought it was a genius idea! We found these modern farmhouse sconces for only $30 on amazon and we fell in love! It was perfect for our space. These sconces were designed to be hardwired onto the wall, so it came with a mounting bracket and minimal wiring that we were able to tuck in behind the fixture. We also used drywall anchors to secure the mounting bracket onto the wall.

After finding the sconces, I had to find the right kind of lighting. I originally purchased screw-in emergency LED light bulbs, but they emitted a bight blue color so I ended up returning them. I was looking for something with a warmer tone. That's when I found these remote-controlled battery-powered puck lights from Home Depot. It also comes in a pack of three!

I used these command strips to attach the puck lights to the sconces (one side was attached to the back of the pucklight, cut to size, and the other was put on top of where a light bulb should be screwed in).

We removed the puck lights while mounting the sconces onto the wall just so it wouldn't fall out in the process, but it was easy to put them on once everything was finished! Just make sure you push the light in until the command strips stop make a clicking sound. We are so happy with the final product and can't wait to use this trick in other areas of hour home!

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