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Laundry Room Transformation

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Due to the limited square footage in our home, our home was designed with the laundry hook-ups in the garage, but we still believed it was important to distinguish this space as a laundry room. We used a peel and stick wallpaper to give the space a temporary and budget friendly facelift which gave us time to think of a more permanent solution.

When we purchased our home, the previous owner had left wire shelving above the washer and dryer. We were thankful to have so much storage space, however it just wasn't functional for our needs. The shelves were incredibly far out of my reach. Being 5'2", I could barely reach the first shelf without standing on my tippy toes. I would have to grab a tall ladder just to get anything from the top two shelves. It got to the point where I decided to only use these shelves to display decorative pieces. Not only was this not functional, it was also not as aesthetically pleasing with the wire shelving. I have toyed with the idea of covering it with a wooden facade made of plywood to give the illusion of a floating wood shelf, however the idea of open shelving just wasn't practical for us.

I was walking through Home Depot one day and noticed they had pre-built kitchen cabinet shelves. I thought it would be a perfect idea to install these cabinets at an appropriate height in our laundry space! I went home and measured the width of the space, which ended up being 59 inches then went back to Home Depot to purchase these three products:

(1) 30 inches wide x 30 inches long x 12 inches deep for $80

(2) 12 inches wide x 30 inches long x 12 inches deep for $50 each

We put the cabinets against the wall to ensure it fit and centered it perfectly. Before moved forward with installing them, we used a spray gun to paint them a deep dark green/blue color called "Midnight in NY" to give them a little pop! We also installed gold pulls to give it an elegant touch.

Note that we are not professionals and this was the first time we have ever installed cabinets. Thanks to Youtube and Lowes, we were able to figure out the best way to hang them.

We also wanted to tie this space in with the rest of our sleek modern farmhouse home. We believed shiplap was the most cost-effective, and easy way to achieve this look. We also turned to youtube for installation advice.

After all the work was said and done, we were so happy with the results! I cannot wait to transform another space in our home. Shop the products in this space!

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